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Help others when you can.....

     You can find time to help others, if you choose to.  You do not need to plan an entire day.  Random and spontaneous acts may mean more to the one helped than blocking out a Saturday to hammer nails.  Make a pledge to yourself to react to those around you and notice them.    

     Fully expecting nothing in return, I challenge you to do things like:

     - if you have someone behind you in the grocery store with one item and you have a buggy loaded down, let them ahead of you;

     - if you see someone stretching to get to something and you can get it with ease, offer to get it for them;

     - if you have a law enforcement officer or soldier behind you at a fast food resturant or coffee shop, buy their order - you don't need to say anything, they will appreciate it, after all they are protecting your safety; or

     - simply acknowledge others as you pass them, a smile can change someone else's day more than you know.



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